Internet Censorship is COMING!

Internet Censorship is COMING!

this is why we need AnyType! something that respects privacy of people and also can not be controlled by any government.
I would give it, 2 to 3 years by the time we see something like this in action. AnyType is not just for our notes, but for freedom as well!


Absolutely @Jason_Eleazar!

Anytype restores hope in what seemed an inevitable outcome. Privacy and data ownership are almost forgone concepts in a lot of people’s minds, since they already surrendered them to the tech giants decades ago.


For the SCOTUS cases he mentioned: There is still one outcome that I think would be better than all those he mentioned. If the Supreme Court rules Section 230 unconstitutional, but for the reason that the enumerated powers do not give the government the jurisdiction to tell tech companies what they can and can’t censor, then the government will at least step out of it, and if tech companies continue to censor, we can take our business elsewhere.

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