Interested in becoming more of a part of the Anytype Community - Dev

Anytype Dev team,

Tallyho. I am not a programmer or developer yet. I’ve been wise enough to keep up with the immense momentum that has been driving the programmatic evolution of software development projects – things like git, k8, internet tubes, and DevOps pipelines. I’m grappling right now in my current relationship with self-taught programming practices in that, at this point in the professional institution of software development you have to be able to key in and navigate to every project’s supporting system software stacks to be able to contribute to collaborative project work.

I’m currently learning Golang. It’ll be a few years before I’m ready to commit any kind of sizable contribution to source code or anything like that, but that considered I’d love if I would be able to get dummy access to the commit systems the core dev team is using on the back end. I want to be an active contributor to this project at some point (and while dreams wax rich, oft poor wane they in earthly scope…), so I’d like to see and flow with a team working on developing professionally. The closer I get, the sooner something can become more realized.

Obviously for the first few months I’ll just be observing. Side question, does anybody know any good tutorials for GoLand, the IDE?

Muchas Gracias