"Insert object" command: Nested/Embedded objects within other objects

I am trying to create an object which would populate itself with content of other objects.
Unless I am mistaken, the best I can manage is to have a block “link to object.”

Having an “insert object” ability would allow a specific object to be shown within as many objects as you wanted. So if some list of data needed to be displayed in multiple objects, those multiple objects would simply need to /insert object and the specific object would be displayed (nested?) inside the current object you were working on.
Then, updating the nested object would result in auto-updates across anywhere it has been inserted.

My specific objective is to use AnyType to recreate Buster Benson’s Codex Vitae.
Conveniently, he’s shared the github repository which begets the functional display on his site.

If anyone knows how I might go about this with the current AnyType functionality, please let me know!


The best way to handle a group of similar data is to use set in Anytype. For now you can create separate set for each topics and once inline set is available you can display all the various sets within a single page. You can use the gallery view of sets to display each belief as a card along with the emoji as well.

Create a type called belief with the following relations

  • Category → Tag
  • Desc → Text
  • Confidencs → Status
  • Emoji(piles) → Text

For now you have to populate all of these manually but this could be easily automated once local APIs are available. You could use the category to filter only the topics that are to be displayed. Creating a new belief anywhere across anytype would then display it in this set

Would also love embedded objects!

Example use case from my side: project dashboard with various information and with a table with all project related tasks.

Sure, I might create a project dashboard and a link to a filtered task-set, but it would be much more convenient to see it on the dashboard itself.

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Link objects as in link blocks? There is feature request to link and sync blocks across multiple objects:

Or is this request to embed an entire page within another?

Inline set is being worked on so you can embed a set within a page soon

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