Inline sets should respect filters when changing views


When embedding an inline set into another object and applying a filter to the embedded set (e.g. tasks only relevant to that object), the filter should be retained when changing the view of the embedded set.


Possible methods:

  • Filters are retained by default across different views of an inline set. If a user requires more than one filtered version of the set, they can embed it again with different filters
  • An option when creating the filter to “apply to all views of this inline set”; the user chooses whether it is on or not


I have a Page for all the information related to an upcoming trip.I have embedded the Task Tracker set and filtered the inline set to show only tasks with the Linked Project “Italy Trip 2023”

When I with from Grid view to Board view, the filter is not respected, and has to be created for that view. I expect the filter to be rained as an attribute of the the inline set


The workaround is to create relevant tasks as objects of Type Task directly in the Page; they show up in the Task Tracker, but the Linked Project then has to be added


I’ve tried this and it does keep the FILTERS when changing the type of view (from grid to gallery for example).
Could it be that you are refering to create a new/second VIEW and you want to keep the FILTERS from the first one? Then what you have to do is duplicate.

If you mean that you changed the SOURCE set and the INLINE should be updated, this is like that by design (I know, right? :wink: )

Just a quick preliminary idea: if Embedded Templates works with Set, would it solve your problem of mother set and inline set?

Hi - thanks for the reply. Here’s what I did:

  • Create Page with trip info
  • Create Project - Italy trip
  • On trip info page, insert inline set, source Task Tracker; inserts in grid view
  • Filter inline set by Linked Project to only Italy Trip
  • I now have a grid view of my Italy Trip tasks. :+1:
  • Click on Board in inline set. View changes to Board but unfiltered. To restrict view to only relevant tasks, I have to set a new filter

I know that if I want two views at the same time, I have to create another inline set.

If this is working the way I wanted for you, maybe it’s a bug. That said, I can see arguments in favour of the way it works for me, so this might be by design

@ThatGuy I cannot reproduce this on Windows. I don’t have an exact replica of your inline set setup, but I can switch between different view types for the same Set view without losing the configured filters. Do you lose the filters no matter from and to which view type (grid, list, kanban, gallery) you switch, or is this only in the case when changing from grid to kanban?

Happens with any view - list, gallery, board

Intel iMac, Ventura 13.2.1, Anytype 0.33.2

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