Inline set and PARA

Dear Anytypers,

I am trying to implement PARA. One idea that I had is creating an inline set for template type Project and for template type Area in which I can autofilter with Linked Project and Liked Area the Resources to that Area or Project. The idea is that so when i create a new object I can have this inline set with all the Resources and another one with all the Task related.

But i don’t understand how to do it! It’s possible? May somebody help?


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Hi there @signorz

Take a look at this: Zen system v0.1 (Added to experience gallery)

Hope you find it useful :pray:

Thanks, May I ask you what you suggest? The idea is trying to download your system and the idea I’m thinking about is already there? How can I download and input the thing i had in my personal space in the new “system”? Feel free to nor reply to me if I’m too dumb!

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I believe this includes the concepts you mentioned, just create a new private space and import it to give it a try before using in your main space.

Is this the same system that you’ve published as an experience in the gallery? Might be a better idea to link to that instead.

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Thanks a lot! Probably it’s more usefull to start use your system more than continuosly trying to make one by myself. Do you have some istructions? The best way is to download it in my personal space and than start to put what I had in your templates?

Sorry for my lot of texts!

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@Filip it is, that topic I posted here has the link to the experience page + having some instructions on how to use it.

@signorz You will find some instructions in the topic + in the experience itself some pages are self explainatory, they have descriptions on how to use it.