Inline Emojis

In my other workflows I’ve tended to put emojis inline with headings or even texts, and I have loved the ease of use in other platforms to do inline text for emojis.

For example if I were to write :sparkles: it would change to the emoji :sparkles:

Just a small thing that I’d love to see. Its really tedious to have to copy-paste them in, as that’s the only way I am currently able to get them inline with text on pages.



ctrl + E would show up the emoji panel.

Personally speaking, I would prefer ctrl + . (dot) or : (tricolon, as you suggest) though.

I agree with you completely, @laurara! I’ve always found software that support in-line emojis to be really easier and pleasant to use. It would be a great idea to implement this, and I hope it does in the end!


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@Eleanor That is the exact shortcut that I was looking for but I didn’t know existed! That should be added to the list of shortcuts in help (maybe in Main->Actions or Main->Text style) if inline will not be supported for a while, which I assume to be the case.


@laurara Yes! Even I found it just by pure accident. ;p

@laurara thanks! We have added this shortcut to help in the last versions.

Also, I do prefer more :sparkles: way of writing emojis. We can implement a suggestion in such a case later


+1 for the “:” shortcut.

Also now the ctrl+e shortcut can be found inside the keyboard shortcuts panel!

Maybe we could close this and make a new feature request for the “:” shortcut?

I’m marking this topic as Solved as the original request was fulfilled. It would be great if a new topic can be created for the “:” shortcut as @kerbless suggests :slight_smile:

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