Information within a page availabe as a caption/preview


Refer to the video:

Information contained within a page is visible (red x in video) before I open the page.


When I open up , anytype, some of the pages that I have created have a caption or preview available underneath them which is made of information inside their respective page. Even if I click further, it happens to subpages as well.


ᅟPreview should not be visible before I click the page


  • OS:
    Android 13
  • Device:
    S22 Ultra
  • Anytype Version:

@nikm07 thanks for sharing. Could you elaborate a bit more on what is happening when and how you get to those steps? It is not really clear for me what the issue is.

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Original post updated

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Thanks for the clarification! Is the Neurology object (and links to other objects) created on your phone or in the Desktop version of Anytype? On your phone you cannot change the appearance of the link, but in the desktop you can. So maybe the appearance of the links is set to show some of the content (as this is possible to configure)?

I created the object on Windows but it does not show the lines of text like the one seen on mobile. I will try to see if changing the desktop configuration works and report back in a day as I am travelling at the moment.

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Hi Sam

Was wondering if you can refer me to where I can find this setting on the page?

Also I do not see the preview on my desktop

Using the block menu (three dots that appear in front of the Block when you hover your mouse over the block) you can configure the appearance of the Block:

Apart from that, I think I was able to reproduce your issue:

  1. Create a new Object
  2. Create another Object with the / menu
  3. Give the second Object both a Title and some text in the body
  4. Go back to the first Object
  5. Open the first Object on Android
  6. Change the Appearance of the Block with the link to the second Object from Text to Card, and configure to see a preview of the content
  7. Change the Appearance back to Text
  8. Check the first Object on you Android and see that the content preview is visible on Android
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This report has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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Fully functional preview will be available in the next release across all platforms. You just experienced beta functions.

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