Information alert on "pre-release" choice on app

I see a lot of people switching to the “pre-release” version, and others recommending it.
But few who warn about the risks.
Given that the option is freely accessible in the application, wouldn’t a pop-up warning be relevant?

“Warning: this version is for testing purposes only. You may lose your data, etc.”

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I am not too concerned about that … especially that in the late month, going Pre-release really helped me. And anyway, we are still in Beta, you have risks with the release version altogether.

What would be nice though is more about warning in the update notification “update for a pre-release version” or “update for a release version”.

Why? I am currently in a pre-release version but I know that it is very close to a release version, so it’s okay, risk mitigated. But once the next release version is out, I might want to skip the few first pre-release versions.

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