Inconsistent Toggle Icon

Describe the bug

The toggle icon is not changed when the toggle is toggled ( :laughing: ). The icon stays in its last state irrespective of the toggle being opened or not

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to a page with a toggle
    1. Place the cursor in the same line as that of the toggle
    1. Toggle the toggle block

Expected behavior

The toggle icon should update when corresponding to thr state of the toggle. i.e, downward arrow when the toggle is open and rightward arrow when it is closed

System Information:

  • OS: Android 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: OnePlus 5T
  • Anytype Version: 0.3.1

Additional context

The issue does not happen when the cursor is in a different line as that of toggle

The toggle is opened but the icon stays in the not opened state

The toggle is closed but the icon stays in the opened state


Iโ€™ve had the same issue multiple times but canโ€™t seem to reproduce it volontarily.

Reproducible on Anytype for Android 0.6.1: toggle icon shows expanded state, while the content of the toggle block is not visible.


Thanks everyone for reporting. The fix will be shipped in the next update โ€” 0.6.2


This should be resolved in Anytype for Android 0.7.0-alpha!

I can no longer reproduce this on Android (v0.7.0-alpha), so marking as solved. @lynxlove is this also solved for you?

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