Inconsistencies in Settings structure and naming on Desktop and Mobile


Could be that a feature request fits better… I find myself looking for the right place in the settings so often that I think it is more a bug.


Open settings on mobile and desktop. Some examples that confuse me, either because of the different structure or difference in naming:

  • Most important one: separation of Space settings and Profile (account) settings on Desktop, while on mobile “Profile” is an option within the general Settings menu. I’d rather see the whole Space menu from the desktop as menu option INSIDE the profile settings (so the inverse of the current implementation on mobile).
  • “Delete account” on desktop vs mobile:
    • Desktop: Profile settings > Data management > Delete account (in “Danger zone”)
    • Mobile: Settings > Profile > Delete account
  • Default object type
    • Desktop: Profile settings > Preferences > Default object type
    • Mobile: Settings > Personalization > Default object type
  • Offload files from device
    • Desktop: Profile settings > Data management > Offload files
    • Mobile: Settings > Files storage (should be “File storage”) > Offload files
  • Delete files from account
    • Desktop: Space settings > Manage files
    • Mobile: Settings > Files storage (should be “File storage”) > Manage files


The menu structure should be the same, so I propose something along the lines of:


  • Personal information
    • Profile picture
    • Name
    • About me / a few words about yourself (I guess this will be used in shared spaces?)
    • Anytype identity (maybe hide by default or make it smaller as this should not be relevant info very often)
    • Log out
    • Delete account
  • Account (or profile) preferences
    • Interface language
    • Color mode
    • Auto show/hide sidebar
  • Security
    • Pin code
      • Timeout
      • Update pincode (visible once set)
      • Turn pin code off (visible once set)
      • Biometrics (only visible on supported devices, like fingerprint/Touch ID, Windows Hello)
    • Recovery phrase
      • Show recovery phrase
      • Show QR code (on all devices IMO, and only after identification by pin or biometrics)
  • Data management
    • Offload files of all spaces from local device
  • Spaces
    • Space 1
      • Storage
        • Delete files from Space (currently: Manage files)
        • Offload files of space 1 from local device
      • Space Preferences
        • Home page (choose one of [Graph, Last opened object, Existing object])
        • Wallpaer (mobile only right now, but might be reintroduced for desktop at some point)
        • Default Object type (move from profile settings, should be space specific IMO)
        • Spellcheck languages (move from profile settings, should be space specific IMO)
      • Integration
        • Import to Space
        • Export Space
      • Space information (maybe hide by default or make it smaller)
    • Space 2
    • Etc.
  • About
    • Same content as about on mobile, and options under “?” on desktop (but leave that “?” menu there!)


I understand that certain features are not relevant on all platforms.


  • Device:
    Desktop: Dell XPS 15
    Mobile: Fairphone 4
  • OS:
    Desktop: Windows 11
    Mobile: Android 13
  • Anytype Version:
    Desktop: v0.33.12
    Mobile: 0.23.17

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