Incomplete tag added when existing tag picked from list

If I start typing to filter down the tag list, then pick the option in the list, the typed characters are used as tag instead of the picked option (for example: if I have a tag “Orange”, and I start typing “or”, then select the option “Orange”, the tag “or” is added).

Windows. AT 0.25.0

@qualquertipo I can reproduce this issue, but only when using the arrow keys and the return key to select a tag from the “search results”. When using the mouse to click on the tag that I want to add, the tag is properly added. Can you confirm you used the keyboard to get this issue?

You’re right. The bug is just with keyboard.

Though when you select by clicking there is a different (minor, mostly aesthetic) bug. The typed partial string still shows on the tag list, at the right. I don’t think it should, especially considering the cursor isn’t even on the field anymore. It goes away once user navigates away, so it’s minor.

Thanks for the confirmation. Ah, I didn’t even notice, but you’re right! Could you create a separate topic for that bug (and link to this one)?

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