Include objects of types Template, Type and Relation in the global search results


Provide a way to search for any object through the global search.


Include objects of types Template, Type and Relation (and any other objects user can access in a different ways in the app) in the global search results.


I very often make changes to existing templates/types/relations and need a fast way of finding them.


Searching for Types:

  1. Go to the Types Library.
  2. Type the name of the type.
  3. Open the type.

Searching for Relations:

  1. Go to the Types Library
  2. Go to the relations tab.
  3. Type the name of the relation.
  4. Open the relation.

Searching for Templates:

  1. Search for the type as described above.
  2. Click on the template you need.


It’s similar to this feature request, but I don’t think it’s necessary to hide the types I described in Types Library. From my point of view the point of the global objects search is to be able to find any objects. Ideally there should be an option in the settings to include or exclude these types from the global search. I remember it was possible to do what I described, but this functionality was removed at some point. If it was on purpose I would like to hear the reasoning behind it.


Hello @dzshch we really want to introduce more powerful search options and ability to include/exclude different types should be a part of it. For now dates are unknown because we are focused on public release preparation. Most probably 2nd part of this year. :pray:

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Oh… I was going to open a bug ticket, since the search doesn’t find anything I’m looking for. But apparently it’s only searching in the text at the moment?

Clearly yes, it needs to be improved to be useful (both in the objects analyzed and in the filters/search methods).

In my case, I was trying :

  • Search the name of a uploaded file
  • Search the text of a Description Relation
  • Search objet with a specific tag (custom tag relation)

So… +1 :sweat_smile:

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For my CRM I use templates with Name: Rump, D.C.M., to use for banking purposes then in a relation I have Customername: Dolly Rump, to use in email purposes. When I search for ‘dolly’, this customer will not show up, so a +1 for me!