Include context in search results

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When you search for a keyword, Anytype returns a list of pages that contain it. Though, you do not get to see in what context the keyword is being used within the page, so you have to rely on page titles to decide on which one to open.

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In search results, include the context (the line where it’s used) under each page title.

Additional context

You can find screenshots for comparison linked below.


I agree with @BGray . I propose a tweak to this. Why not list out the blocks themselves in the search results.
This way we could even use #tags on the blocks to mark topics, spread over various articles (pages) and pull up the content related to a particular one in a search result.

Use case: Research. For example, tracking developments on #economy from, say the daily news feed.

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This is the same as this one, right?

If so, I would merge them, if you’re okay with it.

Yeah, you can merge them, it sounds like the same thing.

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