Improvements to the updating behavior on Desktop

I find the current Anytype update behavior to be rather surprisingly forceful and presumptuous for a “you own your data, you are in control” app. Literally no other app I have automatically updates itself without asking me to, for example. So here’s a list of what I think the update behavior needs to do to improve the user experience and control.

    1. Notify when an update is available, show current and new version number in the notification window, and ideally a link to the change log for the latest version. It should probably also show the size of the update file download.
    1. Give the user the option to update now (“Close and Update Anytype”), later “Don’t update now [you will be prompted to update again]”, or “Ignore version [you will not receive further notifications about this version]”. While I think it’s a bad idea for people to not update their apps, it should be their choice. They can go back to Check for Updates manually if they want to update in the future.
    1. Never automatically close the app without first prompting the user.
    1. After an update is made, pop-up the change log automatically. Or have this in a “toast” or other notification area (more on that in another post).

I just updated to 2022/02/23 version in desktop and got some weird behaviour.

Once I clicked to update, nothing seemed to be happening. No progress bar, nothing. Then suddenly Anytype just restarted (when it reopened, it was showing a page about the update, which is nice).

I had the second-to-latest version when I did the update.

I also wasn’t warned on launch that there was a new version (I had to go to the menu to check); Not really an issue, but would be nice to get a dismissable prompt in the corner.

I just updated to 0.25.0 and I think some improvement can still be made to the process.

  • Anytype should show a notification if there is a new version when opening the app
  • Once I selected “Check for Updates” then download the updates, once the download is done there should be a prompt for the user to restart whenever they are ready (instead of forcing restart).
  • After the update is done, opening Anytype should show some sort of notification for the user to check out what’s new (instead of needing to go into the ? menu)

The notifications above should be non-intrusive and dismissable