Improvement on bullet list and numbered list

The bullet/number are the same for different level of bullet/numbered point. A better approach would be use different bullet point for different level.

an example of anytpye bullet point is shown in the first screenshot. and the bullet point i would propose is shown in the second screenshot.

besides, i couldnt find a way to dedent the bullet point. could anyone help? Edit by @sambouwer: resolved in post below.


Hi @satter1988, thanks for sharing your input! Could you please stick to the predefined format for new topics? That helps us more easily identify whether all the required information is available.

Second, I think your idea for improvement of the indented bullets is great! I think all other software applications I know of use different icons for differently indented items in the list to easily identify items on the same level.

Third, I am able to unindent items with Shift-Tab on Anytype for Windows (0.25.4), as is the case for most other software applications. Are you using Windows or another OS?

got it, thx every much!