Improvement of the "Link to object" function


I propose to expand the ability to make a reference to an object, taking into account its relationship.


Expand the list of object search associations by relation name (keyword) using the “Link to object” function.


The situation I’m facing. I’m making a link to the author’s book, but I don’t remember the title of the book, but I know the author. When selecting a link to an object, I want to enter into the search bar the names of the relationships associated with this book that I remember. For example, I want to enter the author of this book, genre, or any other relationship name that I specified earlier when creating the set.

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No response?

I think the team is already working on an improved workflow for object creation and linking. I’ll mark your request as New to mark it as ready for the devs.

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Hey @Konstantin I was on the vacation so there were no response. Our backlog is busting with features to build and also we have a process of distilling feature request and make it totally aligned with our vision and tech limitations so it may take 3 or more month to implement the request, especially with this level of complexity you are proposing.
We are trying to reply to all responses but sometimes we are too busy with development process and there can be some delays in answers.
Your request is really interesting, we have a lot of space for the improvement of search in our app. So I will store your idea in our search improvements vault and we will address it as soon as we will start working on this one. But I think it may be possible not soon as next year because of our preparations to public release. Hopefully we will form the roadmap for the upcoming quarter and share with the community to discuss.