Improved support for iPad (and iPhone) drag-and-drop - images, text and attachments

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This feature is not necessarily related to a problem, but, implementing such a feature may significantly improve the usability and productivity capabilities of the Anytype apps on Apple devices that support drag-and-drop; the iPad does, but I am unsure whether the same functionality is present on iPhones.

Describe the solution you’d like
Currently, native drag-and-drop is implemented in such a way that we can’t drag and drop blocks between other objects and with other apps, such as text editors or browsers.

If I drag-and-drop a text block from the Anytype app into another app, the actual text or content of the block will not be transferred; instead, a strange internal string is pasted.
Short video demonstration of text drag-and-drop from Anytype to other apps failing

The same also appears to happen with all other blocks, including image blocks. Trying to drop other media from other apps also doesn’t seem to work in the app.

It would be incredibly beneficial for productivity if true drag-and-drop support was implemented in the app - most apps on iPad (and I believe on the iPhone since iOS 15) follow consistent behavior across the operating system when dragging-and-dropping.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Almost everything that can be achieved with drag-and-drop can also be accomplished with other system features, such as via the Clipboard, or manually importing and exporting files via the Files or Photos apps. However, drag-and-drop is a significantly more elegant and efficient than doing it the “traditional” way.

Additional context
I understand that the iOS app is in early development with many missing and in-development features (it’s a beta, after all!), and with iPad (where drag-and-drop will be used the most) support not out yet, it is totally reasonable for such an complicated feature as drag-and-drop to not be implemented yet. And also, please stay safe with the current global situation.

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