Improve UI visibility / Show all control elements

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I have difficulties to find out what I can do in an object and where I have to click to get options. E.g. the three dots beside contents of a page only show on hover (They are very small and hard to click btw). Same with the options I have for the header layout (e.g. choosing an icon).

Describe the solution you’d like
An option to make all UI elements visible - preferably with a hotkey.

Additional context
This would also increase accessibility for non-tech people.


Hi @mludwig, thanks for sharing your feature request! Even though your feature request is quite “high-level”, I think it strikes an important point that is mentioned in other posts as well: the UI looks clean and fresh at first sight, but you quickly find out that the menu’s lack uniformity and logic regarding both UI and UX.

See for example my own topic about menus on mobile phones:

There is an interesting topic on how to make sure the right buttons and menus are available at the right time:

Would one (or both) of these topics address your pain point sufficiently to merge yours with one of those, or do you think it would be best to keep yours separate and try to work out some more details around specific examples and potential solutions?

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Hi @sambouwer
yes, the second thread you mentioned is already quite elaborate and adresses my issue. I can give my thoughts on it once I have the time.
Should I close this topic then?

Take your time! Let us know when the topic can be closed by flagging the topic or close the topic yourself if possible :slight_smile:

Either way, this was shared internally with our design team! Thanks to you both @mludwig & @sambouwer

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Closing topic as requested by OP

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