Improve process of adding/editing/removing tags

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I think the process to choose a tag for an object can be simplified.

When adding a tag in the “set view” or the “object view” I have to click “Select tags”, “add” and then choose the tag.

Describe the solution you’d like

I attached a screenshot of my idea. Instead of a dropdown opening another one, why not add the list of existing tags right under the first dropdown (green in the screenshot). Additionally allow searching for tags right in the field, where the are displayed then.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

In my opinion it would be a more intuitive process with less clicks.


Yep, this would be fantastic. It would make it MUCH easier to choose, rather than clicking it 3 times for a tag.


+1 for this approach. It reduces the number of clicks and makes the process faster

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Currently, the UI to add tags seems pretty cumbersome, as it seems to contain some unnecessary steps.

To add a tag to an object, one must:

  1. Click on the tag relation or open the relations menu, and then click on tags
  2. Click on Add option in the list that appears (there are no other options in this list; is it needed ?)
  3. Either click on one of the tags in the list of existing tags that appears after that; or, start writing to narrow the list with a filter.
  4. If one narrows the list with a filter, they must navigate with the down arrow of the keyboard to the tag that I want; but they have to go through the “Create a new tag” option first, which could be replaced by the simple mention “Press enter to create a new tag”
  5. If one creates a new tag, the cursor is now gone, and must be put back into the right field to create a new tag.

All of this gives me the impression that I am fighting the interface.

Describe the solution you’d like
A good example of a quick tag system (in my opinion) is Joplin’s design.

When the user click on the button to add tags, they are met with the following window:


The user can just type in the window; a list of existing tags will appear, and the user can use the up/down arrows to select the tag they want to add in the list.


The last option of the list is always to create a new tag; it can be easily accessed by using the up arrow from the top.


In short, in the current AnyType implementation, I would:

  1. Remove the Add Option in the first list that appears, and get the user to the list of tags to add or delete them with one less click.
  2. Make it so that the user doesn’t have to go through the “Create a new tag” option with the down arrow before accessing the existing tags with the keybaord; as the user will add more and more tag, this option will be less and less needed, and should be the last one to be proposed in the list (as in Joplin).
  3. Make it so that when a tag is created, the cursor is in the right position to search for/create another tag.

I very like the solution for tags that Jira has. When you click the tag space, you can start type and it filters the result. You have already highlighted one tag that you select with Enter and keep typing another one.


The current process takes one additional step to selecting the tag.

As mentioned in my Discord FAQ question, this additional step will likely result is reduced or no use of this feature.

Should be able to look up the unique tags in use in the current set or object type, and populate them as available options.

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Agree this should be the way to add tags.

Clicking on the tag field should make it editable, showing:

  • X’s next to tags already there, in case I want to remove them
  • A list at the bottom with all available tags, which I can navigate with arrow and select with ENTER
    Typing immediately after clicking on the tag field should filter down this list.
    If whatever has been typed doesn’t exist yet, ENTER should create (and add) that tag

Should the title of this FR be slightly changed to reflect the broader discussion here?
From what I understand most of what is discussed here doesn’t refer only to adding existing tags, but to editing tags in general.

Maybe something like: Improve process of adding/editing/removing tags

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Good point, done :+1:

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The tag process has been improved in v0.25.0 based on the suggestions in this thread :tada:


25? Was this released? :star_struck:

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Yes, Checking for update in the desktop app downloads the update

I was surprised as usually they do a post on the update here before the actual update (or maybe I’m mistaken)

Cool! Thanks for the update Anyteam.

There seems to be a couple of bugs.

  • If I start typing to filter down the tag list, then pick the option in the list, the typed characters are used as tag instead of the picked option (for example: if I have a tag “Orange”, and I start typing “or”, then select the option “Orange”, the tag “or” is added).
  • At first when adding a tag it suggests all existing tags. Once one tag is added, no more tags are suggested (not even tags used in other objects of same Type).

Possible improvement:
In the list that filters down as you type, have the first option always be selected by default. That way it’s enough to type the first characters and then just hit ENTER, without needing to use arrow keys or click. (this should be the behaviour anywhere where there is a list that can be filtered down and selected)

I’m on 0.25.0, Windows


Please be so kind to open seperate bug reports / feature requests for your findings.
Otherwise such things easily get lost in longer topics.

Sure… I just thought it’d be easier to just keep this one open and add to it.

I’ll create the new post. Shall I just use the same title and add a “Part 2” ?

Like this:
Improve process of adding/editing/removing tags (Part 2)

It may be easier for us currently working with the topic. But its much easier and faster to view more topics/reports, than longer ones.

You mentioned two bugs. Please create a bug report for each one. And a feature request for your improvement idea.
For the visibility feel free to post the links to the new topics in here, so everyone in here can easily find them.