Impressions after two weeks intensive use as QA/RA consultant and herbalist

So, I’d love to give some feedback as I know the pressures of complaint handling - and getting some positive feedback can be quite the morale booster!

By trade I’m a quality assurance and regulatory affairs consultant and PRRC for medical device companies. This involves a lot of “head” work and information processing. It requires structure for a lot of work with deadlines, work flows, appointments, meetings and projects - all of which change from company to company.
BUT, I’m also a herbalist and naturopath, where I require secure and anonymous patient registration and information storage - a lot of extremely sensitive and private information can come my way. Yet, it also requires
me to study constantly and keep up to date with research, old (even ancient) and cutting edge. I.e., a lot of information processing is required as well.
I’ve found this partly in Anytype for now - and fully in the future. I love the way I can structure everything rather freely, but not so loose that everything is just a swamp of notes/pages. Notion or Obsidian (what I used before) were either too ridged or too free (with too many bells and whistles). I’m still missing the research capabilities that Obsidian provides (with linking words). It’s pretty good though, as my herbal database is coming along nicely in Anytype, and it will remain on Anytype for years to come.

The herbalist / naturopathic therapist side of me loves that (in the future) I can store data locally, and everything is zero knowledge / E2E encrypted. I’ve had research deleted by Google before on a google drive and specific bookmarks too - I guess they don’t like alternative views on medicine (who knew…?) and again, storing extremely sensitive patient information in the future will be a breeze with Anytype.

Notion I do still use, as I require a bit more integration with SharePoint for instance - with its robust project management possibilities. And I miss the ability to share data with others in Anytype, which Notion does have. But, for a food forest/garden project that I’m taking part in I’m managing with Anytype for now. Same with my studies, it’s good enough for now.

I see Anytype’s potential in all of this - and I feel it is going to be amazing!

Overall I’m super happy with Anytype and will absolutely continue to contribute as much as I can, in whatever way is suitable, because… dang it…! this programme is (/will be) AMAZING with all the potential updates in the works. I love it :heart_eyes: :heart: !!


Are you backing up your Anytype data in any way?

@Niels thank you a lot for your warm feedback. Hope you will enjoy new features in upcoming releases​:santa:t2:. And yes we will introduce sharing next year :pray: