Impression with Anytype after Craft

Both apps have many similarities in note’s interface. But Craft’s product more mature and stable of course.

Current versions of desktop and IOS app have unstable sync - often you can’t understand how to sync and status of sync.

Both version have different function in same object, for example, templates for my own object not working.

There’s huge potential in future, but not at the present.

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Hi @flyingoff, thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are correct that Anytype is not ready for prime time yet as it is still in its alpha stage. You can checkout this topic to see what features are supported on which platform.

There is a special topic for investigating different network configurations and their impact on sync performance/issues:

If you are willing to share your issue and setup there, the team might be able to look into this and take your information along in the improvement of dealing with different network configurations.

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