Important Bookmark Upgrades


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Hi @XxxBalCion,
For feature requests, please stick to the template and make one request per topic. If the request already exists, like and comment with your thoughts the existing topic, it will be enough for the devs to notice what users want.

If you still want to make a summary of things you’d like to see implemented, consider making a general discussion topic with your feedback. :wink:

Please tell me if I can close this or if you want it to be reformatted and moved to the general discussion category.

You can close the topic I will make single requests then :smiley:


Thanks for your contributions @XxxBalCion Please let us know when you have created the new requests.

Also remember that all Nightly tags should only be added to bugs and features which are relevant to the Nightly releases, and should be posted in the Nightly Ops category (both Nightly bugs and features go in that single category).

For BR/FR related to stable releases, put them in the regular categories. It’s important for our Devs to quickly distinguish between the two.

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A new topic was created: Making "Bookmark" an "original object type"