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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I noticed in the Import section in the Anytype settings that currently there is support for importing from Notion and a number of other options (Evernote, Roam Research, etc.) are greyed-out but labelled “soon” indicating those options are being worked on. Roam Research is set as “soon” and since there was no feature request regarding it, I create here one for other Roam users to favorite/like so it will be prioritized.

Would be great as a new user transitioning from Roam Research to be able to import their graph into Anytype.

Describe the solution you’d like

Under the Import section of Anytype settings an option for Roam Research could be selected, a file browser would then appear prompting the user to select their Roam Research graph JSON export, after doing so Anytype would import all of the user’s Roam Research graph and linked documents as Anytype objects.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The markdown contents of each and every Roam Research markdown export document could be manually copied and pasted into Anytype and any particular incompatibilities between how Roam Research and Anytype handle markdown manually corrected, but depending upon the number of documents a user has in Roam Research this could be an unreasonably labour-intensive task.

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Thanks for creating a separate feature request for this! There is probably already an item in the internal tracker, but it doesn’t hurt to have this listed in the forum, too!

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:ok_hand: it’s hard for me to try and use daily AnyType without first importing my medium-sized RoamResearch graph.

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Thanks for your post @FGRibreau
We have started codebase update to make import/export more robust and will introduce import from major platforms prior to public release.

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