Import from Notion, missing the tags and status OPTIONS

If I created an object (say a book object), in that object page at the top row, there will be “Book.Tags.Status.” I can choose from my predetermined tags.

However, if I imported a page from Notion, at the top row there will be “Page” only. I can make that page a Book object. But somehow I can’t find the Tags.Status. In my Book Set, the Set Table has several columns, including Tags and Status, I can select relevant tags. But even after that, my imported object page still only show “Book” and I can’t find the selected relations/tags of Tags and Status anywhere in the object page.

Just wonder if I am missing something here.

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I think this is what the Notion importer can do at this point. Maybe @Flip knows more about that as I didn’t use the importer myself yet.

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From my testings, the Notion import function is mainly importing the content and there are also bugs in this. Import functionality isn’t a high priority right now.
I’m not a Notion user myself, just tested things that were reported on the forum.

Is there something in Notion similar to “Relations”?

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Yes, database properties are the equivalent of Anytype relations if I’m not mistaken. Relation on notion are the equivalent of Anytype’s object relations

Thanks for feedback. Imports in the really bad shape now. We will fix this while reworking imports and exports.

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If import is only for CONTENT, the tag options should still exist. My point is that the tag options are gone in the pages imported from Notion.

I would like to second this request. Just started importing from notion and it identifies the object type as task but creates it as a page. I have a few hundred of these that would need to be manually updated to task.

Can AnyType be updated to provide a prompt as to whether the Notion type should be used in AnyType? (seems like an easy change as it already identifies the type properly) - notice the Anytype type is set to page while it identifies the type as a task

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We will try to introduce such capability in the next import update