Import bug cluttered my pages

I’m new from this day’s onboarding session and I just tried importing my notion into Anytype (3Gb of data with about 1200 pages) It failed once so I retried and it failed a second time.

But when I look for pages I can find a skeletton of all of them (lacking blocks and images), duplicated I guess since I tried to import twice.

See the image bellow

Two questions:

  • what Did I do wrong ? Should I try to import in small batches ?

  • And most importantly, is there any way I can delete all these pseudo-pages ? I really don’t have the patience to delete >2000 pages

I cannot comment about notion import but for deleting multiple pages that feature will be available in the next build.

It’s this type of post that really makes me wish that people were warned against doing this right from the start in an alpha. I’m honestly surprised and impressed that it imported as much as it did. @Inkqb You didn’t do anything wrong, there is an import feature, so you want to use it, I understand. But we have seen quite a number of Notion import-related issues for quite some time, so it seems to not be clearly communicated that people should be cautious with it for now. IMO discussion of this should covered in the onboarding, if it is not already.

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@Oshyan It wasn’t covered in the onboarding, I just spent 2-3h deleting it all which leads to a new surprise :

Archive almost crashes when launching, takes 2 mins to open and sometimes only then crashes the app

We need to be able to delete things for good


@Inkqb Permanent deletion feature is coming. But I hope someone from the Anytype team can give you a workaround until then.

@Inkqb i can only propose a new invitation key and partial export-import, so you can continue working. Can it work for you?


@Vova I’ve managed to archive everything and I’ve now created a lot of pages, so unless I can easily import my new pages from one anytype to the next I’ll wait for the delete function.

You can start once again with the new account. Delete feature will be ready within a month

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