Implementing GTD in Anytype

Hello all! I’m one of the new alpha testers - this is all very new so if this is in the wrong place please let me know, but I’m really enjoying everything so far!

I just wanted to ask whether anyone has any objects / templates for implementing GTD in Anytype? I previously used the method in Standard Notes but am really looking forward to expanding my method using Anytype’s graph and relation features, so any ideas on how to get started would be much appreciated. Thank you!



I’m very interested in this topic. I’ll be doing a use case project in the next few weeks. Interested in other GTDers to join the journey. I’m not quite sure how long it will take. I’m going to start with a simple inbox and get a little creative with sets.

Please for your high’s and low’s here.

I’m glad there’s someone else interested! I’ve currently got an implementation for Next Actions but haven’t yet worked on putting in Projects, Waiting, etc. I can post about my progress so far later if that would be helpful :slight_smile:

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Would love to see how you implement it! There’s actually a place on the forums for that: Showcase - Anytype Community