Image types that Anytype supports as background not stated

Describe the bug

When uploading an asset for use as wallpaper, the supported filetypes are not explicitly listed anyplace, but several types I might expect to be supported don’t seem to be.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on ‘Appearance’
  3. Click on the upload glyph to select the image you wish to use
  4. Whimper softly when you realize your image type isn’t supported.
  5. Scroll down to search for what file types ARE supported.
  6. Realize they’re not listed.
  7. Login to forum to make a note
  8. Awesomely collaborative people discuss and figure out what the right thing to do is here

Expected behavior

Ideally, there’d be a few different layers I recon.

you’d want a hardened layer, which has the ability to simply spraypaint a sanitized canvas with a blob of image data in a known format… something super lightweight, heavily insulated, very low blast radius. that would need to be available at all times no matter what and so needs to just be trusted … a system level process, as it were

then I imagine there’d be a ‘userland’ object which could be fed data to render.

this would be the surface that display/background/image-y plugins would integrate with , even as a ‘daemon’ style integration. Which would facilitate more feature-laden things, with different security thresholds being able to be selected.

This could allow REALLY COOL things like streaming a slow morphing video as a background, or running a visualizer based on any number of inputs of whatever datasource… But you’d want to make sure that it’s always gonna be sugar, and could never be used maliciously to ever interact with, snoop, observe, copy, smell, taste, nibble, think longingly about, corrupt, alter, distribute, judge silently, judge loudly, snicker at…

Because who wants to be judged by the software they’re using? Really?

… I just had a voice assistant randomly, and without prompting say

“…Well… That’s unfortunate…”

When my wife and I were discussing the fact that Evey and Atticus didn’t get much of a walk because of the rain…

Creepy things are creepy.

Of course, the obvious downside here is that it’s prolly overkill to redesign xwindows :slight_smile:

System Information:

~$ uptime; systemstats|head -5|tail -2

5:01  up 37 mins, 3 users, load averages: 3.26 3.27 6.12
System Version:	21F5058e
           Hardware Model:	iMac18,3
    Installed Memory Size:	64GB (68719476736)

Application Version:

~$ `plutil -p /Applications/|awk '/CFBundleShortVersionString/ {print}'`

  "CFBundleShortVersionString" => "0.25.0"