Image set, gallery view Cover

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I made a set from the object type Image, so list all the images uploaded in my Anytype. Brilliant feature so far.

Since it is an image set I wanted to make a gallery view to display all the images but it turns out, you cant! :astonished: Which is bonkers haha.

When you create a gallery view from your image set you can only select the Page Cover for the image displayed in gallery view!

Describe the solution you’d like
For this special set it would be great that the cover in gallery view is the image itself! Without the need to set it as a cover or other workoaroud.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There are none. You can’t add relations or cover images to the image object type. So you can not add a cover image or display it in the gallery view of the set.

Additional context
A sidestep could be that the files set shows a preview of the file as the image in gallery view, though I understand this is a different feature request.


Hi, I believe my feature request also addresses this:

Thanks, sharky! :shark:

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There is also this request for different cover options for the gallery view:

It would indeed be great to have an option to display media objects directly as the cover in gallery view :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: