Image masonry view for the gallery view

I would like the Gallery view to show the full images. Pinterest for example is the image masonry view I have in mind.

The current solution with the “fit image” option shows space around the image, and the image size doesn’t affect the card size, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Along with it, it would also be great if there will be an option to not show Names of the items/objects and only show images.


This suggestion looks a lot like something I suggested (but the opposite haha): Gallery view for Sets: Align cards

Seems like their should be two types of card views, something Capacities does: Gallery and Wall view (which you call Masonry View).

Gallery View shows nice, tight equal sized cards/images:

And Wall View shows cards/images in different sizes:

I believe this of both of these views should be added, with the an option to hide Object Name or Title.