Image Editor for numbers, arrows, blur etc

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I often paste part of screenshots into Anytype. I use Greenshot on Windows and Flameshot on Linux for that. Both of these screenshot programs have the ability to edit these with numbers, arrows, blur and more. Would be a cool feature to have something like this built in.

When using non screenshots I otherwise have to:

  • open the image in another image editor
  • make the wanted changes
  • save the new file
  • import into anytype

Describe the solution you’d like
An in Anytype Image Editor with features like flameshot/Greenshot.


That would indeed be a cool feature! At the times of using Evernote, I’ve used Skitch - that’s an app made by Evernote that is tightly coupled with the Evernote app itself. If Anytype implements something similar—that would be great.

I like this suggestion a lot! A few simple annotation options go a long way. It could be combined with this FR to be an option in the menu suggested there (Download, Replace, Move to, “Annotate”).

I think this one and mine are not similar enough to be combined. The linked one seems to be more about changing the image itself (rotation etc). While mine is more editing “on” the image, so adding a new layer to it. Is that understandable? :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t mean that the topics should be combined, but that the implementation of your suggestion could be within the implementation suggested in the “Image replacing/editing” topic. So, when you open the menu as suggested in that topic, you’d see a menu item (or menu items) to make edits as you suggested.

I thought of combining the topics in here :sweat_smile:
But yes, that would make sense :+1:

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