Image (cover / normal) support for online library (like unsplash)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It’s not really a problem, but a nice to have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Describe the solution you’d like

When I click on “Add cover image”, I’d like to have the option “Searching / Choosing from …”.

The … would be one of the following (of your choice, not user choosable, bcs all of them are nice:

  • unsplash
  • pixabay
  • pexels
  • or similar

Then I thought, the imageblocks might have the same option.

Would be very nice, because in this way, one could add almost for each case a fitting image without leaving anytype.

And if privacy in this case would be a concern, those users who think so just don’t need to start a search, so no data is sent.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Maybe an internal library of my own images, but it’s not a real alternative but more a addon.


@wemiprog Agree, this would be nice to have, like Notion. Being able to add one or more local paths would be nice, too.

Just please don’t automatically add a random cover image before I get to choose one, like Notion does. Very useless behavior (to me), that wastes time. :roll_eyes:


This could be implemented as an add-on/extension. I, for one, won’t ever be using this feature and I am pretty sure there will be people using Anytype completely offline, with their firewall blocking the app.

Even if it gets implemented, I totally agree with @Oshyan, Anytype should never assign a random cover image to the page unless there is a switch to disable the feature.


@wemiprog @Oshyan @BGray thank you for pouring your thoughts about cover optimization! We added this feature to our tracker and will develop it in the near future :grinning:


May I ask when this near future will arrive? :innocent:

(But this one is just a nice to have, top priority not required ;))

Very soon! It’s under quality control, so maybe even in the next release


An update: with Anytype Android 0.6.1, Unsplash support has been added. Unsplash on Anytype Desktop isn’t available yet - I’ll keep this issue open.

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Unsplash support is added for Desktop app as well in v0.25.0 :tada:

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