Image added on Mobile shows, "Image is Broken" on desktop

RE Searching for this bug - a similar issue is mentioned here Image broken After Migration - but that bug seems to be specific to migration. I’m seeing this bug with new images added and all Anytype apps on current version.


When I add an image to an AT Note on mobile (iPhone) it looks as I expect. When I sync and try to open in the desktop app, it shows up as “Image is Broken”


  • Open a new note on AT Mobile, add “media”, upload an image from my phone photos. Add a note title so it’s easier to find. :slight_smile:
  • Allow mobile app to sync
  • Open desktop app to view the newly created note - text, note title, etc. syncs without issue. Image shows up as, “Image is Broken”


Image to sync between mobile and desktop.


*MacBook Pro, AT version: 0.33.2

  • iPhone, AT version 0.23.3

Would it be possible to share the image you uploaded?
If not, what filetype does the image have?

I see the same error.

Version: 0.33.2 / MacOS 14 Public beta 1
App-version: 0.23.3 (Testflight) / iOS 17 beta 3

The image on Anytype iOS (was taken with my iPhone, so original it was .heic, but it looks like Anytype have converted it into .jpeg?!)

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I can reproduce this on Anytype Desktop 0.33.3 and Anytype for Android 0.23.12

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.


@LauraH, thanks for reporting. does this still reproduce for you on Anytype Android 0.24.5?

I do not have an Android device to test; but just tested it with:
iphone 0.24.1
PC 0.33.3
And my image now appears as expected on the desktop version, so this is resolved with those platforms.

Yes. This bug still persist on Android Version: 0.25.8 with Windows Version: 0.35.2.
All jpg files are broken on Windows and almost all on Android too for me. Some images added on Android only appear as an empty block on windwos.