I'm Documenting Anytype and Making How-To's

Hello all,

I have been avidly working with the AnyType software during the alpha period in an effort to identify some interesting bugs, identify and curate training, and getting ready to release a public review on AnyType on YouTube. With this, I will link the video and share any and all how-to documentation I have made in an effort to help everyone out and do my part toward the mission of AnyType.

Stay tuned. I will be releasing soon. I will be refining and likely waiting for the pre-bata version of the May AnyType release. This way, I can capture new features and incorporate them into the documentation. This way there is no confusion in the community and to the public based on the old and newer versions.


That will be great @Lithouse

Make sure to share them in the “How To” section :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking!

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Of course @Angelo I will do this when I publish! It will be good stuff.

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