Im Back

I left?

yeah i did, for quite a while actually. after getting nightly status, honestly, i was dissapointed in the lack of progress i saw between the public alpha and the nightly build at the time. i got quite dishartened with the project for a bit I decided to try and see what options i could find and what was out there.


not going back to that hell hole. though Cron is nice.


No good sync option. I dont want to pay for sync when i have other options and a server at home i can use to sync stuff. feels like a waste of money, especially in a recession (the uk is in a reccesion, whether the government admits it or not). Community sync options via Github or WebDAV or other cloud providers requires Either too much manual input, manual conflict resolution, or an absolutely ungodly amount of setup. genuinely not worth the effort for such a simple feature. Community features are nice though. and the markdown editor is suuuuuper fluid.


Genuine competitor IMO. Backend code aint open source yet. but honestly its missing some polish and i feel like its not quite there yet. missing things like sets, collections and tags although the community seems interested in adding things like this (Watch your back anytype devs, these guys seem viable)


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: Paywall. no self host. No markdown.

Google Keep?

:video_camera: Big Brother :video_camera: no markdown, missing features, basic AF.


Genuinely sick af. sucks its paid.

Returning Impressions

god damn guys. you’ve polished this thing well into beta. loving the new side bar, loving the clean ui. Still got a Modal Problem but its forgivable given how deeply baked into the app it is. UI seems clean, Functionality seems to have taken a nice priority bump and its getting more and more customisable by the looks of it!

Github repos

Honestly, love it. nice, clean, easy to navigate. Only problem, CLASSIC REACT COMPONENTS :face_vomiting:, its fine i forgive you :nauseated_face:. a little bit. other than that slight issue, i can work with it. and i love the fact you guys are still holding town hall meetings! (see you tmrw btw)

Ive noticed a few small issues that ill be making PR’s for in short order. also looking forward to hosting my own server and making plugins like Nextcloud integration for files, and a CMS System. other things i have on the drawing board is to make a Jira, Github and ERPNext Task integration, just waiting on plugin documentation.


Thankyou. you guys have made something that somehow checks all my boxes(minus Calendar integration), and providing i can be patient, i think Anytype is going to be my new home. Despite planning on self hosting, i plan on supporting the project long term, both with code and financially provided i have the money spare (i currently dont)
begging no money GIF


Why do you have such a big issue with paying for apps that you use? They cost money to make and develop.

Out of all of the apps you listed, I think Anytype will be the best long-term (at least for someone who wants the type of app that we do).


dont have an issue with it. problem isnt moral based, its the fact that i have no money.


Ah, gotcha! Fair enough lol

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Also, some people, such as college students like me, don’t really have any extra to spend, aren’t interested in ruining their credit score on credit card debt and thus putting their financial future in jeopardy, and really can’t justify paying $20+ per month for every app that they need to use. While, in some cases, what companies ask for their product makes sense, but most cases it’s unjustifiable. I guess, we see a lot more monopolies in the SaaS arena where the big companies feel like they can charge more because they’re basically the only option and smaller companies still have to charge just as much to have a chance of surviving. In other words, it’s really nice when companies like Microsoft, Google, GitHub, etc. let you use their products for free because college is really your priority - even if you have time to work, it’s not like you will be making that much. Anyway, that’s my general predicament.

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Hmm, just a suggestion for your sync issues with Obsidian. If you don’t care about sync between mobile and desktop, can’t you use google Drive or something like that for syncing between desktop devices?

tried that, took a while to sync. so moving from laptop to pc was a pain. also, i wanted to use my phone with it, so i could use the calendar to schedule things, so of course, no dice there. good shout though, might work for others tho

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When I was using Obsidian, there was a plugin where you could store your items in an S3 bucket to essentially “sync” items between devices. I first tried Filebase and then Storj because Storj gives you 150 GB for free (even though I didn’t need that much).

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There is an Android mobile app that let’s you sync files to Google Drive, it’s called DriveSync and should let you sync Obsidian between mobile and desktop.

Welcome back…old friend


you really dont need that, you can just go to root on your phones device and navigate to app cache folders and read your obsidian vault straight from the source. at least on android.