If you import notion database and then delete it

Many of us came here from notion. After i first installed Anytype, i imported one of my database page from notion. Then i saw imported file is not a database in anytype and deleted it. All subpages imported with it stays in Anytype. 6 hours past and i am keep trying to delete that pages.

So navigation in your app now is not good. Every page is separated from their parent. Main page is not a main page, it’s history page. Their is search and graph. but you can’t mass select pages from there.

Terrible UX with pretty UI. I need remove everything and start over skipping “import” step.

Reset Anytype to "factory default" you can like it to let the developers know you need this.


They did interface for graph database, better they do filters now on the main page to search and select bunch of pages with similar properties and bulk edit or delete them.

Search by phrase from tiny field on the top? Then list of links popup? Really?!

And main page for pages that i already visited and favorites?

I think we need anytype not just for several notes on the main page. We need to manipulate giant database. Notes, Files, Lists, Projects etc. To do that we don’t need favorites, we need search engine with flexible custom filters on the main page. And custom storage location of course.

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I have some idea on the current Homescreen.

I would like it be called Dashboard where people place their favourites and access sets. Dashboard will in sidebar.Evernote has dashboard too.

A second All pages/objects in a Gallery view in the sidebar
In this the idea of filter could play a big role.
Filter UI similar to logseq where we could tyoe the filters ourself or click them from below

Is confirmed but doesnot have ETA in release plan

Search also needs full text search option, evernote like search, ocr. Plugins like Obsidian is also route for features.

for me the best knowledge base app must be portal like website but inside windows software. Now I use CMS DLE with custom fields, i am running it on localserver. You add lots off pages, then put filters, sorting and search on the home page.

There are already discussions about improvements to the homescreen:

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I think it needs to be made a lot more clear, in the app, and perhaps in onboarding, that Anytype is not ready to replace Notion yet. Anyone hoping to do a full export from Notion and import everything into Anytype and have it “just work” will be disappointed, as you and many others have been. There is information and discussion out there about these limitations, however it is understandable that people coming from Notion will look immediately for an import option and, when they find it, assume it works well and just test it. It is not made clear that bulk delete is not yet available, there is no clear indicator of how many pages will be imported, no indication that databases (CSV part of Notion export) is not yet supported for import, etc. All of this should be clarified. I’ll see what I can do to improve communication and messaging around this.

For now you should reset your account. And upvote and await features like Bulk Delete, automatic link from Sets, etc.