Idea for Anytypes future - Distribution of Equity / A Share (Sharings)

Just thought about how Anytype (and free open source projects in general) can hold up with the speed of developement of Notion (proprietary).

Equity / Shares for the people from which the codecontribution was taken and put into the maincode of Anytype (traceable with GitHub right?). I can imagine this could lead to a high amount of high quality contribution in coding and ideas.

One possible factor for the amount of the won equity could be: Code. The number of lines of code in relation to the overall lines of Code. → code-amount-% = equity-%. //Valued amount of Code: That which it will be in the end when Anytype takes the code, which will be the shortest possible form of writing the function then I guess anyways.

feel free to riff on this Idea

Edit 1 (28.03.2022 - 23:17 UST)
uh i have another one on how to gain equity: The amount of characters/lines in a wiki-article that Anytype chose to show on the website/main documentary in relation to the total characters/lines of documentation. And that then also in relation with the main ‘equity-settings’ for all parts where one can get equity.

Equity Settings
Elements: Code, Articles.
Distribution: Code 80%, Text 20%.

Edit 2 (28.03.2022 - 23:17 UST)
Max Equity then of course only goes for/up to 49%, for contributions-people. Anytypes coreteam stays with 51%.

What do you think?

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there’s problem that length of the code is not a measure of quality or benefit.
some codework is also deleting/refactoring

I’m thinking more in “bounties” - say there’s a requested feature, and if you provide it, you get some “points” (stated beforehand of course). on github, each issue/PR can have this value assigned.