I'd like to be able to easily remove those unused files with a click of a button

What Do You Recommend?

When adding notes, I sometimes add image or video files. However, not all notes need to be saved permanently, and these additional files remain in my library after temporary notes are deleted. Over time, these no-longer-needed files can accumulate and take up a lot of storage space

How Could It Be Done?

I would like to have the ability to clear unused files with a single click, so that when I run this action, all images, videos, etc. that are not referenced by notes can be automatically cleared to free up storage space and keep the file library tidy.

Real World Use-Cases

When writing a blog, I make it a habit to organise all the information I need into notes and keep them in my note-taking system. As the writing process progresses, I may keep revising and adding material. However, some of the added material may be discarded. After completing the blog and reviewing it for accuracy, I will delete these discarded material notes. However, attachments added to these deleted profile notes, as well as files that were previously inserted into the blog post but later felt inappropriate and deleted, will still remain in my note-taking system. Over time, these useless files would accumulate and take up a lot of storage space. In order to solve this problem, I would like to provide a shortcut to “Clear Unused Material”. By simply clicking this button, the system will automatically clear all unused files and attachments, freeing up storage space and keeping the notes system tidy.

Recommended Alternatives

Every time I delete an attachment in my notes I go to “all objects” and find the attachment and delete it together, it’s horrible!:scream::scream::scream: