iCloud-based Cloud Storage liked as the local storage

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I was wondering if it’s possible in any way to use the Cloud (iCloud in My instance) as a ‘local storage’.
Im talking about an option similar to that found in ObsidianMD, where vaults can be created on a connected cloud drive.

Once I get any more info I’ll maybe create a topic in the ‘Feature Request’ section of this forum.

This is also My first post in this community, so I’m sorry if it isn’t made properly in any way! :pray:t3:

Thanks in advance for all the info!
Have a gr8 day! :hearts:

The roadmap on github has an issue called Choose storage location it’s scheduled for Q3 this year.
I think this will solve your problem.

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I wasn’t aware of the roadmap having this mentioned.

Closing as ‘solved’.

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