I want to clear my data, because I accidentally made 1000 duplicate pages by importing pages from notion

the question is where to send the request, and how long it will take, since I haven’t saved all the data yet.

You should be able to completely reset you account via the app (Settings > Account & Data > Delete account). Does that work for you?

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then I will have to get a key for a new account from support, or will I have to go to a meeting for new key, or i can create a new account after “delete account” without a key?

@Angelo do you happen to know this?


Hey @andrewRudakov , there’s no need to attend another session. Just email your request to support@anytype.io , provide us the email you originally signed up with and we will give you a new invite code. If you wish, you can delete your defunct account with the steps @sambouwer described above.