I use Chinese input method and I often encounter the situation that I can't search

Describe the bug

I use Chinese input method and I often encounter the situation that I can’t search.

Expected behavior

Hope to strengthen the support for Chinese search

System Information:

  • OS: windows 10
  • Device surface book
  • Anytype Version:0.23.5

Additional context
Add any other context about the problem here.

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I also encountered this problem, when I search for Chinese externally, it doesn’t show up automatically, but after using the Enter key, I can pop up the search results.
Also, I think you should adjust to the line where the search result is directly after using the search and highlight the line, just like Notion did.

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Related but different (request instead of a bug): Full document search seems doesn’t work in Chinese - Feature Requests - Anytype Community

@jzbjing @Moon can you still reproduce this on 0.29.0? If so, could you please share a video of the steps you take and the expected outcome?


The Chinese search function is still not easy to use, and English can accurately find the results.


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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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@jzbjing @dinpor @Moon
Could you let us know if there are still issues with the search in chinese?

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In version 0.32.3, it is now possible to use Chinese keywords to search for this feature, but the search results are incomplete. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @Flip

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It works well, thanks for your work.:grin:


Thanks for letting us know. The search function in general isn’t great, so that is most likely not related to the Chinese language :). I’ve marked this topic as done, and I suggest you checkout the other topics about searching and add your thoughts there

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

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