I need your advice on how to design a page with quotes from people

Hello all. :wink: I want to make a beautiful page where I will write down quotes or phrases of writers, scientists, musicians or just people who are interesting to me. But I don’t understand how to make it more beautiful, pleasing to the eye and comfortable.
I need your advice and ideas on how to do it better.
I will add a draft version of my design, but I want to make it more visually attractive. It is even possible to create a new set for this purpose.


I think your design looks great! Maybe you could alternate the alignment of the whole block left and right?

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Hey, it looks good how it is.

Maybe I would create categories for them by adding Title or Headings so it could be easier to navigate using a Table of Contents.

You could also create a type “Quote”, the title of that object could be the phrase, use a human relation to link an author and if you like you could write inside some thoughts or link other ideas, objects, pictures, etc.
If you like the idea of categories, you could easily do it by adding different views.

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You could also make an object/set but then you could also manual make a page like you showed, but add object using the card view. Where you can show description as preview, object icon af an image of the person and show his name as the title.

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I would do it with joy, I want to do it, but “Callout” does not have such a function :neutral_face:

Did I understand you correctly that you are proposing to create a set for this purpose? In which I will create pages with the data type of such a set, in the title of this page I will make, for example, the author of these quotes and inside this page there will be quotes?

Where you can show description as preview

According to your screenshots, it turns out that a description of the conditional first quote will be displayed for a certain person? I don’t see any sense in it, it won’t show anything, it won’t become clear.