I made an article on why Anytype is important

AnyType is My Type | Medium

Well, couldn’t find to much on Anytype on the internet, so made my own (and very first ever) article. Feel free to give feedback.


It was a good read and I agree with your conclusion, though I don’t agree with your intro.

Anytype is a fairly new app with a few innovative things that will make your knowledge management and information structures a lot less cumbersome. It opens the door for possibilities not yet available in other apps, and it does so within a really pretty user interface.

Yes it is pretty indeed but it is not less cumbersome specially for beginners. It’s often the opposite for new users because Anytype requires a different approach compared to Notion or other apps. Which I am sure will improve with each update since they are also working on the interface and tools. :wink:


I partially agree with it being harder for very new users, but so was Notion when it started out. As soon as one starts to get the hang of it and start thinking about information actually having a specific type it actually gets a lot easier to build a very good system. Structure is simply built into the Everything is an Object as well as Anything has a Type paradigm.

No matter what app you choose you have to set it up, this takes some time and tinkering. Difference is in most apps the inherit structure is missing. This makes it easier to start out, but also to build bad systems. Types helps newer users out here a lot even though it takes some getting used to.

Thank you so much for reading and replying :smile:


Hey @ninjasmurf, just wanted to say a warm thank you for your detailed write-up & sharing of your observations, we really appreciate it. We are working to make the concepts more accessible and create a better onboarding experience, hoping that this will help with that initial learning curve.

PS - Loved your animal use cases :smile_cat: