I don't understand syncing between devices

Maybe I don’t get the functionality of IPFS. But why when I create a new object on my phone (Android v. 0.6.0), my desktop app (0.24.0) doesn’t pick it up. It also says synced on the mobile, but the object doesn’t even exist on desktop. With data hosted on servers, I understood the problem: weak connection, make sure they are both up to date.

But with the local syncing, I just don’t get it. Why does the object created on my mobile suddenly show up on desktop after 45 minutes when seemingly nothing has changed? Both devices have been connected to the same wifi since the object was created. Although the mobile was on a cell network not wifi (not connected to the laptop) when the object was created. Does that make a difference? I have no idea.


As far as I know, it should not have any influence.

Have you tried the official procedures to either fix or gather data for the development team about this issue?

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