I can't login anymore

I downloaded anytype on my mac today and entered my code, a tutorial video popped up and I couldn’t close it, then I quit the app. Now I can’t use my code to log in anymore, and I haven’t really gotten into this app.

@dcx that sounds not like the first experience Anytype should offer! I think it is best to reach out to support@anytype.io to get a new invite code.

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Agreed, I have raised this concern more than once. Unfortunately there are a few blockers right at the gateway of Anytype. It’s a real tragedy because the App is so amazing but these sort of initial troubles will no doubt have a negative impact on our retention. I will jump for joy the day we have open Beta. BTW @dcx did you manage to make a new account?

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Closed because there is no reply. Feel free to open a new topic if you still have this issue.