Hyperlink pop up window persists across pages

Describe the bug

If I hover over a hyperlink I get a pop-up window (nice feature :+1:). However that window often persists even after navigating to another page or location on the same page.

To Reproduce

I am not able to reproduce it at will, but it has occurred with different hyperlinks on different pages.

Expected behaviour

I would expect the pop up window to disappear as soon as I move the cursor off the hyperlink.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Big Sur
  • Device: Mac M1
  • Version: 11.4

Additional context

Quit AnyType and restart fixes it.



I tried to reproduce the bug, but so far, no luck.

Does this happen with only YouTube links, or did you encounter this somewhere else also?

Please, try again in new release (will be available in a couple hours).

We rewrote the menu logic, it might help.

I just had it happen to me on the latest Windows release (0.18.15).

My actions right before I noticed it was dragging in a new image to the page and scrolling from top to bottom. Unsure if I can replicate it easily.

@jmsinnz @jayenicks Please check it in the newest release in the next week, it must be fixed.

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I was able to force it to happen again but if I go back to the page that it comes from and click the link again it goes away. Last time I had to quit the app.

I tried to video the process but the file is corrupt so all I have is a screen grab. From what I can tell the way to replicate it is to mouse over a link and before it loads the preview make another app the active page (e.g. alt-tab or click in another app without the cursor making contact with white space in the anytype app). The preview continues to load and since the cursor is not there anymore persists until you click the link again.

OS: Windows 10 1909

Device: Lenovo Desktop

Version: 0.18.28

We will investigate more!