Hyped - disapointed but still interested

Hi there and the anytype team,
Great work so far. I was super excited when i accidently hit an article on gamstar!? about something that sounded like the tool i am looking for literally for 10 year now: mind map like context preserving of all things digital - files, timings, entities
than i joined and than came the frustration. Looks like another note taking tool (capacities.io another one from germany too!) yees with more felxibility offline first and so on. But i dont need all these fancy colors and titles and templates and so on. I want to forward a piece of data lets say an email with atachments from the middle of a train ride and “the tool” would recognize which sender project timeframe it came from suggesting the linking and sort it in the object graph including the atachment which would be than linked to the email the day it was received the project the person. A quick verify by me - maybe an adjustent to train the ai algrotithm in the backgtound to even work better next time and eventually forward my whole mail conversation and my file storage to it.
Please anyone if you get what i mean and there is something out there point me it if anytype is not heading this way!?

Still unclear for me is how you or your investors want to ever recoup your afford and therefore sustain development. I really hope that these 57 carefully selected investors of yours really need this tool like me and when its done we can move on and organize evrything in anytype to work on saving the world!

Guten Wirkungsgrad & Uda4i

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You just described Mem.

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Hopefully some kind of AI plugin is also developed for Anytype in the future especially with the current AI hype.


Can it really handle email and let’s say a grown file tree? I will sign up and try but it’s not Opensource and US hosted so I can’t use it for educational work here in Europe. That’s why I have hi hopes for anytype. There is even something comparable from Germany (closed source) capacities.io. I am really not interested in another app to make even more fancier notes no matter they are linked or whatsoever

I think when even good old office is getting one than this is a must

Consider making a feature request for this if one doesn’t already exist.

They claim it can, but I fear it is a fruit that is dying on the vine. I wouldn’t recommend using Mem - just observed that your description is exactly what Mem claims in its question to rethink note-talking.

Yes, a very good product.

This is understandable - we are weary travelers in the note-taking/sense-making quest. :wink: