HTML export

HTML export would bring a lot of functionality:

    • Pdf export could be done more or less right by printing html to pdf
    • Ability to export your documents as stand-alone html page will lead to possibility to host the content of the pages anywhere (GitHub pages, Amazon, other hosting alternatives).
    • It allows to reach more users by showing them outstanding design patterns by anytype team without necessity to join waitlist or create account.

    Actually, this is the main usecase of Notion for me. And it seems the main reason I could not completely switch to anytype.


@bratishka It seems like most of what you actually want is just to share Anytype content outside Anytype. This is planned already as a feature AFAIK. HTML export is not necessarily the ideal way to do this, and although it may have some uses as a feature in itself, if page publishing is your real desire, a native “share/publish” function would be better for that anyway. It is not available in the current alpha, so won’t address your need immediately, but it will be developed in time, as I understand it.

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