How will the graph work

Hi all,

First really cool stuff, it is responsive and easy to use.

Second, using Roam at the moment and there bi-direrctional linking is super handy. Just type [[some page]] and both know from each other. But then you have query’s and the linked reference overviews, that are not so great.

Now fiddeling with Anytype for a evening is see that in graph mode bi-directional linking is working, so anywhere on the page you add an object and they are linked.

Will this linking be translated to the sets?

Example: You have a set with project that contains Project A, Project a contains Relations with Tasks, Meetings and Notes.

With that setup, you start a Meeting Note about something else, “PM overall” and you mention “Project A” and indented under that mention you add some tasks. Will those tasks show up in project A? and even better in the Task set will there be a link to the Meeting note and the linked Project A?

#Meeting Note

@Project A

---- Task one

---- Task two

I can imagine this is to complex but i can have dreams right :wink:

Thanks for the awsome work you guy and girls did.

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Bi-directional linking is not possible but I hope that the team would consider implementing it :crossed_fingers:

These are the forum request which requests bi-directional linking and roll-up, drill-down options to sets:

Thanks @lynxlove but… bi-directional linking is already working, or am i missing something?



@gijsepping You can manually add bi-directional links now and yes, they do work. From my understanding, the threads I linked requests for automatic creation of bi-directional links. So when you add a task to a project, the task will then automatically have a relation linking the project


Ah you mean like with notion and there DB templates. That when you add a page it contains the link to the page the DB is on?

The note about leaving the relation field empty.