How to use multiple relations on the same page

Is this even possible? I’m trying to make a Quotes page. I made a tag relational for Book Titles & whenever I try to tag a new quote, it changes the one above it

Unfortunately that’s how Relations work (for now). It’s like multiple instances of the same single container. I think there is a feature request for a resolution for this.

This one is similar to what you would like to have:

Not quite sure what you mean by quote page… but this is what I have in mind.

While it is not possible to have multiple values in general relation, there is one exception - the relation type = object.

It might be useful to create (or promote) quote blocks as individual objects. Then every block can get their own specific relation. This could be useful for later referencing and value enhancing for each block (point).

Then embed all quote objects into the book object…
Or use a quote relation in the book object, then include all of individual quote objects… it is doable but bulky to have 10 quote objects into a single container… and it won’t demonstrate co-relation between the quotes.

Inline set (or collection in future release) might be a cleaner display to show all quotes. Use filter to narrow down the display result for the specific book.

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Thanks, I’ll try that :slight_smile: