How to use a template when creating an object from the Kanban view shortcut "+" buttons?

Hi everyone.

I’m just experimenting with Anytype as I need an offline tool similar to Notion. It seems I can do most of the same things in 3x the time and 2x the amount of clicking around. That said, Anytype is by far the best offline tool of this type I’ve found so far.

I’ve made a kanban view of some tasks and I’ve made a template for my tasks, how do I make it so that when I create a new task object using the kanban shortcuts (see screenshot) I use my own template instead of a default object?

I have a lot of questions but I thought I’d start with this easy one first :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.

I’m using the Windows desktop app.

Hi @Solstice,

You should be able to go to the Library then proceed to the task object and select the template you have to set as the default template. Check out this video to see how to do this:

This should make it so that every time that you create a task object it inherits the design of the template that you want to use for the object.

Hope this helps!
-James @23jjl

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Hi @23jjl

That’s exactly what I needed and solved my problem. Thank you.

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